Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring is in the air… and wedding season has begun!
One of my close friends is getting married this summer and has asked me to be a bridesmaid! Her wedding colors are a deep teal and orange. With her bridal shower just around the corner I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out the EDA Flower Magnet in a more unique way… as a gift topper! I like to put some thought into my gift wrapping and make the package look special.
The magnet comes in 4 bright and cheerful colors, fortunately for me one of the colors matches my friend’s wedding color. Now she gets a pretty gift topper that is also a functional refrigerator magnet that will remind her of her happy day!
                                                                                               ~ Sara

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You can now purchase all of the Rowhouse products on-line at
All of the Rowhouse products can be found in the Wall Art Section!

Spring Cleaning. Fall…Nesting?

If you are like me, you tend to neglect your house in the summer months. I live on the top floor with no AC and will find every reason to be away from home! Sure, I do the traditional spring cleaning (make piles: to donate, to give away and to trash) but once the warm weather hits forget it! I want to be outside, preferably next to the water, or in an air conditioned restaurant!
Once the cool weather creeps in for fall I start to spend more time at home. I get hit with the need to bake, make big meals for dinner, rearrange furniture and re-decorate! Fall is the perfect time to create a cozy nest that you and your friends will love to relax in during the winter months. It is important to love the space you live in.
Rowhouse has a great wall décor product that fits my needs: The Modern Leaf Gallery!
I love how the frames have a slight gold edge. This really makes the piece look rich!
On the back of the box are some photos of different layout suggestions just to help get you started. (TIP: have a screwdriver handy to remove the product from the box.)

My apt has plaster walls which means it’s a nightmare to hang anything up, and the walls are white-ish… Nothing says boring like a plain white wall. Luckily the Modern Leaf Wall Gallery is light and was easy to hang up! As a set of 8 frames the possibilities and arrangements are endless. (TIP: After you get everything out of the package I recommend playing around with different layouts on the floor until you find the one you like.) I decided to cluster the frames with another like colored wall piece I already owned. My furniture is loud. I found that by keeping the wall items in like colors it helps to keep the area from looking to busy.

You can display your Modern Leaf Gallery on its own or with other special pieces like I have, either way have fun and it will look amazing!      
 ~ Sara

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Assemble and Display The Butterfly Design!

I wanted to share with you just how easy (and fun!) it is to decorate your home with some of the decorative Wall Décor butterflies sold through Rowhouse. I love the flexibility you have with this décor, the amount of ways you can arrange them are endless. You can use all 40 of them, or just a few to create a fun, modern accent wall in your home. I used about half of the butterflies that come in the set to give you an idea of just one of the ways you can display them.

Before you start laying out your design, press and fold the pre-scored lines on each butterfly. Once folded, there is an added dimension to the pieces that is really eye catching.

After you have done that, start laying out how you would like the butterflies arranged. Lay them out on the floor or a large table. Once you have decided on how you would like the pattern laid out, turn each butterfly over and lay them face down.

Included in the set are pre-cut adhesive squares.

Remove the squares from the package and carefully place the sticky side of the squares in between the scored lines on the back of the vinyl butterfly.  Try to keep it as centered as possible.

Peel off the other side of the pre-cut adhesive square backing and expose the sticky side that will adhere the butterfly to the wall.

Place each butterfly on the wall as you had laid them out on the floor or table.

Repeat until you have placed all of the butterflies on your wall.

And there you have it! Beautiful wall décor that you can arrange in any way you like.
Try one large grouping like I have shown, or try several small groupings or a border.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Votes Are In !!!

Your votes are cast and the winner of the new bubble series is beach bubbles!
We have started on new designs inspired by the beach (aaah how wonderful!)  - we have gorgeous photography of seashells, sand dollars, flip flops and sand and sun to sort through to make the final design selections.
For all of you who adore Paris (as do I!)  we will also develop a Paris Bubbles so look for those from us as well as Paris was a VERY close 2nd to beach!  Thanks for all your input into the next design series.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Rowhouse Got Started

Initial thoughts from Kathy

The muse for Rowhouse came in the person of Lauren, a friend and 20something who had just moved into her first “real” apartment and set about to decorate it.  Lauren is stylish and chic and she wanted her home to reflect her personal style.  So we headed out to our local retail stores to look for the fabulous products we would buy to decorate her first home.  Exhausted and frustrated, we returned home with almost nothing.  Where were the eclectic and stylish products that had inspired us on the blogs that we had seen?  So like many new ideas they are born from necessity and that day – although we probably didn’t realize it yet – was the inception of Rowhouse.

We set out to create  fabulous products at affordable prices, and Lauren has remained our muse throughout.  Modern, vintage, contemporary or mid century, we didn’t care.  We endeavored to make everything as fabulous as Lauren and her friends - products they would love to put  in their  home - and that was a high bar.  So you will see a mixture of many different looks to which we say – be yourself, mix and match, go with what you love and make it yours.
We think we have some fabulous affordable products with many more to come.  The designers have been passionate about their product and you will hear from them in future blogs on their inspiration and their desire to make your home special.
From the team at Rowhouse, we encourage you to:

Live stylishly

Break some rules

Have fun

And above all  . . .  Be Yourself!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome !!

We're so glad you chose to join us here at Rowhouse Design . . . where our whole purpose is to share great decorating ideas and unique products to make your home come alive with easy, fun and budget-wise delights!

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Here's a fun way to add a unique grouping to show off your latest family photos . . . using our petal-shaped frames to make your wall  blossom with good memories and family fun!!

Add dimensional delight with a field of flowers gracing your wall! 
     We'll have lots more photos and great ideas in posts to come -
     come back often, and make yourself right at home !!